Discover Coco & All His Friends

Your new wellness accessory !

Masturbation, is NORMAL 💕

Lust Sins' mission is to stop making masturbation and female sexuality taboo in order to feel good about your body and mind. 👌

Why Coco ?

Simply make yourself feel good.
It is above all a way to take possession of one's pleasure to reclaim one's body and feel good about oneself.
Coco is a vibrator that can be used in multiple ways. It was co-constructed with experts, and especially with the Lust Sins community. We made sure it fits everyone ! After multiple exchanges, we designed what is best for us in terms of sensations, aesthetics and materials.

Why Tiny ?

We won't make too many speeches, we'll just tell you that we have thousands of emails from clients who have discovered that they were squirting thanks to Tiny !

Why Crysthanos ?

Beyond its softness, an erection that never ends, and a flexibility that you will not find with any penis !

What is your sin? Rosa, for sex addicts

Double the fun with the sucking vibrator and the stimulating bullet !

Anal Lovers

All Sex Toys

How to use our vibrator ? Alone, with two and more if affinities.

  • For the external part of the clitoris

    Thanks to its suction, enjoy a wave of intense pleasure

  • Coco folds, so you will enjoy an internal pleasure ... and an external one !

    Coco folds, for more sensations !

  • For penetration

    With its vibrating side, enjoy a penetration rich in sensations.

  • Coco is waterproof

    You can use it in the bath, in the shower, in the rain, whenever and wherever you want, and that's crazy !


Coco has two buttons, one to activate the vibration, the second to activate the suction.

There are 10 modes for each function, 7 concerning intensity and 3 are random modes.

Coco has the option to bend, or not ! 😎

Yes absolutely ! Vibration and suction are two independent functions of each other 🙂

Coco is recharged by USB. There are two pins on the top that the charger magnetizes to !🔋

We found a great supplier in Asia that only works with Europe 🇪🇺, the United States 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦!

Coco is made of medical silicone and ABS plastic. It does not contain any allergens.

Yes, the package is not in the name of Lust Sins and there is no way to know what it is 😉