How to have a prostate orgasm? Anal pleasure demystified

Are you interested in deep, intense, semen-free orgasms? That's exactly what P-spot stimulation offers you. Discover without further delay how to open this new door of pleasure. Because yes, men can cum in different ways too 🙂

Where is the P-spot?

Often compared to the female G-spot, the P-spot corresponds to an area inside the rectum, about 2 phalanges from the entrance to the anus. It is located exactly at the level of the prostate, on the side of the ventral wall.

The prostate is a gland that is the size of a walnut and is made of erectile tissue. It is involved in the production of semen and it is thanks to its presence that you can experience voluptuous and gripping sensations of pleasure.

How to stimulate the prostate? 5 Practical tips

Don't titillate the anus cold! Enjoyment is a dish that should be eaten hot.

Do you dream of feeling great sensations? Then try to get excited like a titillated teenager. There is nothing better than feeding your unpredictable animal to fully awaken this small and very sensitive area.

Try to identify a fantasy that has the power to ignite your ardor. Otherwise, read exciting stories or listen to sex podcasts if you lack imagination.

With the right mindset for pleasure, your body will become much more responsive.

The prostate gland works like the penis: when you're sexually aroused, it'll gorge itself with blood. In other words, the more your P-spot swells, the more sensitive it becomes. It's that simple 🙂

Opt for a comfortable position

The gun dog position: lying on your side, legs bent and both hands available to make you feel good ;
The position on the back, knees bent and if you want to vary the angle of the stimulation, you can raise your pelvis with a cushion ;
The prone position: this is not the easiest position, but it gives you better control over your sphincter.
Try several and see which one you feel most relaxed in.

Tame the P-spot with a suitable sextoy

Once you're aroused, you can massage the P-spot with a sex toy specifically designed for anal pleasure. You can look at P-ass-ion, the prostate massager.

Some sex toys are adjustable, others generate vibrations and some can even be directed remotely. A lot of fun if you have a partner 🙂

However, be careful not to get your body used to the intensity of the vibrations: in the long run, you might want more and more and become less sensitive to more subtle touches.

Instead, start by gradually inserting the sextoy. Remember to bring a lubricant: the membranes of the anus are sensitive and delicate and your sensations will be all the more pleasant if the object can slide easily.

Concentrate on your sensations and move the object not back and forth but in circles. You can also contract and relax your sphincter.

Use one of your fingers

Homemade option: place one of your generously lubricated fingers in your rectum, opposite the prostate. You can recognize it by its shape: it's a small ball that you can gently massage with circular motions.

If you wish, you can add more intensity by applying more pressure.

Touch your P-spot indirectly

If you're not comfortable with the anus, it's also possible to reach the P-spot with an external massage of the perineum, especially in the area between the penile shaft and the anal orifice.

As the prostate is located through the skin and muscles, you will have to massage very hard to feel sensations.

Try it with an open and relaxed mind!

Breathe deeply and focus on your sensations

Take the time to breathe through your belly with your mouth open to relax your whole body. You can also have fun breathing rapidly to increase the oxygen level in your blood.

Hyperventilating can help change your state of consciousness, which in turn can help you access voluptuous sensations of pleasure.

This new pleasure is not to be missed

If you don't feel any pleasure after the first or second time, that's completely normal. Some people need 3 or 4 attempts before experiencing a real explosion of sensations.

Discover & remember that everyone is different and if the P-zone is not your thing, explore other erogenous zones!

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