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Anal Hook Ball Of Hell

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Welcome to the world of orgasmic torture young disciple, offer you without waiting the anal hook ball of hell!

If you plan to submit or to be submitted, the ball anal hook of hell is an indispensable BDSM torture tool! Yes I said indispensable, how do you want to practice a good masochistic session without hook in the anus?

It seems logical and it is, even during intense bondage you will need your hook, you will see there is nothing like it to enjoy perverse violence. If ever your hook is not enough, get out your pair of latex gloves and show your domination. And for that this anal hook will be the more than perfect tool. With its shape and small features, you can have fun with many practices with only one goal, to make your play partner crazy. For example, you have to pass a rope through the ring at the end of the sextoy, push the ball into your partner's anus and perform the hooking. The sensation will be so extreme that she will obey your every command.

On the other hand, in addition to using your hook, you can use your whip or the instrument you want to increase the sensations tenfold. Besides, you can also opt for a double penetration with a dildo or a penis. We leave you to imagine the rest. Show your slave who is the ultimate master!

On the other hand, the anal ball hook from hell is made of stainless steel. Thus its insertion is soft and without risk.

Tips for using your conical pleasure anal hook

For an even wilder experience, Lust Sins recommends you to use lubricating gel. This will facilitate the insertion and offer you more sensations. Simply pass the water lube along your anal hook. After that, you insert it gently into your anus.

Characteristics of your anal hook:

Extreme pleasure
Perfect finish
100% BDSM
Materials: Stainless steel
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Free and discreet delivery
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Comes with an explanatory manual in a discreet package without mention of the brand !

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