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Learn how to find the G-spot and give yourself or others intense orgasms!

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E-Book: The Secrets Of Reaching Orgasm

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More than 80 pages to teach you you how to find your G-spot and reach disturbing orgasms or learn how to give pleasure to women like no one before you! 

In the quest for pleasure and orgasm, the G-zone can be a powerful ally. Firstly, because many women manage to feel an intense pleasure thanks to it, which can facilitate the coming of the orgasm. Secondly, because stimulating several different areas of the body can help to increase the sexual tension necessary for orgasm.

In this e-book, you will learn:

- How to find the G-spot and get much more intense orgasms (page 8);

- What scientific studies show about women who orgasm more easily (you can do exactly the same after reading page 21);

- The question to ask yourself to have an orgasm as a duo (read on page 28);

- How to have an orgasm alone5 practices + 2 exercises to try (pages 22 to 25) ;

- The little bluffing trick to feel more pleasure (read on page 13) ;

- How to communicate what you want without offending your partner (page 30);

- The 10 best positions for 2 to have an orgasm, several sex toys will be recommended according to the position to maximize your pleasure (page 34);

- A bonus of 10 special dildo positions to use alone or with 2 (page 44);

- How to masturbate or how to let him masturbate you, and maybe become a fountain woman (squirter), men like that !(Page 62);

And more !