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Nero, The Special P-spot (Prostate) Masturbator

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Assume an unavowable pleasure!

Sexual taboos are numerous. Lust Sins believes in the possibility of practicing naughty games for women as well as for men, alone or in pairs, or even in groups, to safely assume unfulfilled intimate desires.
For intense moments of pleasure alone or in couple, the prostate, very erogenous male zone, often needs to be stimulated.

Nero, a small masturbator for the prostate, is particularly designed for you gentlemen to discover this sensitive area, possibly with your partner. With Nero, you will be able to experience a very particular and necessary intimate pleasure for your blooming.

Use of your sextoy Nero

Nero is specially designed to allow you a new experience to get better acquainted with the intimate sensations that a prostate masturbator can provide. Small and very soft masturbator, Alive Nero allows an extremely sensual and progressive penetration. You will take little by little confidence by making penetrate Nero according to your desire. A subtle sensation of pleasure will invade you. Thanks to its small ABS handle, all curved for a good grip, you will handle with ease your masturbator. You will be able to gently explore and massage your prostate for very special moments of satisfaction. The elegant shape with expressive scrolls will lead you to the search for your pleasure in the hollow of your intimacy, without fear and with confidence.

Nero by Lust Sins

Nero by Lust Sins is constantly imagining ways to enhance your desire with original sex toys at very low prices! The Lust Sins designers think about your anatomy, your intimacy and your desire to elaborate really delightful masturbators, powerful stimulators, exciting vibrating rings. Softness, design and multiplied sensations are the key words of the Lust Sins range. All sex toys, for anal or prostate pleasure, are made of high quality silicone and ABS.

Healthy sextoy

Your Nero masturbator offers you its particularly silky and slippery material thanks to a silicone of very pure composition and 0% phthalates.

Maintenance of your sextoy

Nero will remain in its initial quality with a regular cleaning, before and after each use with a neutral Ph soap and a little water. Dry your masturbator perfectly with a soft and clean cloth.


Type of products: Prostatic Massager
Penetrating length: 10,5cm
Maximum diameter: (in cm) 2,7
Manual operation
Anal use
Compositions: Silicone
Weight (in grams): 60