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Vibrating Egg/Geisha Balls With Ben Wa Balls

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Quick quiz - what do you get when you combine a comfy, user friendly design with manageable weightiness and a perfect retrieval cord? Here's a hint: the Lust Sins Kegel Balls also called Geisha ball but with our knowledge! This simple system offers you or your vagina-owning partner lots of pelvic-floor strengthening benefits plus a whole lot of pleasure.

How does it work? Ben Wa balls, also known as kegel balls, help you pleasurably train your kegel muscles. The stronger your kegels, the more satisfying bedroom encounters get. Strong kegels also lead to bigger, better “O”s.

Start by adding a little of your favorite water-based lube to the already-smooth surface of these silicone Ben Wa balls. Then just slide them inside. Moving around causes the weights inside to roll, giving you a sensual, natural massage. Squeeze your kegels to keep them inside. Beginners may want to lie back and indulge in a little self-love session, but advanced players are invited to get a little wild.

Once you’re comfortable with your Kegel Balls, increase the weight of the Trainer by popping out the medium ball and replacing it with the largest 56 gram ball. This ball is also slightly larger in size than the other balls. Once you’ve put the squeeze on the increased size and weight, you can trade up even further to use the 40 gram and the vibrating balls simultaneously. You can even take the temperature by using it with your partner !

Shaped into two smooth swells, the jiggly Kegel Balls nestle naturally along the curves of the vaginal wall, helping you target the pelvic floor muscles - those inner muscles responsible for improved inner snugness, better control of continence after childbirth or surgery, the possibility of stronger, more intense orgasms and an overall happier vagina. You'll grip and release the Kegel Balls during a kegel exercises OR you can forgo the workout and focus on deep inner sensation.

Perfect for beginner kegel practitioners, the Balls are a great starting point weight-wise at just 2.26oz (64g).

In silicone coated ABS plastic, the Lust Sins Kegel Balls are easy to clean using warm soapy water, but you can also use a good toy care fluid/foam, if you like. The Balls are compatible with any favorite water based lubricant, but please keep them away from silicone lubes and other silicone toys.

Comes with an explanatory manual in a discreet package without mention of the brand !

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