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Tiny, The Squirter Revealer

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With Tiny, many women have revealed themselves to be a squirter (fountain woman), we often have this feedback! It is an extra powerful massager with a soft and flexible head that easily reaches all the places you are looking to satisfy. Its small size makes it easy to handle during use, and its balanced weight makes long massage sessions easy and enjoyable.

Small in size, but powerful enough to rival any large massage stick, it will easily fit in most bags and allow you to travel with ease. At 7.5 inches (19.8 cm) long, it can be hidden in drawers and other discreet compartments for added privacy.

The elegant wand shape fits snugly in your hand, allowing you to comfortably and easily direct the head over, around and against more intimate areas; 2 buttons easily allow you to choose the speed of 10 different strong but quiet vibrations!

If you're familiar with electric massagers, you know how loud they can be, but Tiny is much quieter! You'll appreciate the low noise level which, considering its effectiveness, is impressive. It was specifically designed for strong, continuous stimulation that won't stop until you're satisfied and satiated.

If you need any more reasons to love Tiny, know that it's made from high-quality, body-safe materials and is fully rechargeable, with no wires to get in the way of your fun.

Perfect for couples on vacation who want a little excitement in their bedroom after a day of adventure. Tiny is the go-to sextoy that will always be ready when you are!